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Swim Camp @ Butler University


Technique Clinic

A Top Dawg Swim Clinic is a four-day clinic providing one full day of expert instruction for each stroke (Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Freestyle). Swim clinics (unlike swim camps) are limited to 36 swimmers per clinic. Swimmer numbers are kept minimal, so coaches can work with swimmer’s one-on-one to give more individualized feedback. Typically, four coaches (2 head coaches and two assistant coaches) are on deck working with swimmers one-on-one. Imagine if your child’s school classroom had 4 instructors. How much attention would they get?

Each day, swimmers will spend 4 hours in the pool practicing stroke techniques and drills while being coached by our expert staff. Additionally, swimmers will watch video session and learn advanced skills while reviewing their own deficiencies from a prior video recording session. The number of swimmers is intentionally kept very low as to maximize swimmer feedback from the staff.

A technique clinic is a series of intense stroke work sessions where swimmers practice skills and drills while under the intense watch of seasoned coaches. Swim clinics are informative and not means to be fun, like a summer camp. Swimmers will learn advanced swimming skills while being watched by a team of expert coaches making sure the swimmer is performing and swimming optimally.

Once complete, swimmers will walk away having learned advanced skill and drills which translates into faster times in the pool.

VIDEO RECORDING SESSION (included in the price of the clinic)

All stroke clinics include video taping of the swimmer prior to the camp. The video taping is important as coaches have an opportunity to review the tape prior to the actual clinic. Video sessions are scheduled and recorded by our recording staff. For more information on video taping and video analysis, please visit

VIDEO ANALYSIS ($150.00, option and not included in the price of the clinic, but highly recommended)

Once the clinic is complete, you will have the option to sit down with an experienced head coach to have a one-on-one video interview that is recorded. The purpose of this recording is for you swimmer to take home what has been learned at camp and to focus on improving in those deficient areas.

Video analysis with a coach is scheduled after the camp has completed.

For more information about the video taping and video analysis, please refer to the “Camp Video & Analysis” page

Please fill out the Contact form with any questions or concerns.

This camp is open to any and all entrants. For your safety and benefit, we recommend you have competitive swimming experience (e.g. U.S.S. age group, national qualifiers, high school swimmers, or summer league swimmers) and can swim at least 50 yards in all four competitive strokes: fly, back, breast and freestyle.

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