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Swim Camp @ Butler University

Sports Nutrition-Swimming Nutrition Talk-Camp Nutrition


Sports Nutrition and Swimming Nutrition Talk by Coach Fedorov

One of our camp goals it to educate the camper on the importance of sports nutrition and the need to eat the right foods to excel to elite swimming levels. Alex Fedorov hosts TDSC’s nutrition talk. Mr. Fedorov holds a degree in biomedical science, has spent years teaching science and nutrition to students and athletes. Much of Mr. Fedorov’s swimming success was due to his understanding of the importance of sports nutrition during training and competition.

Camp Nutrition and Food

Breakfast (Residential Campers Only)

Breakfast will be provided at the residence hall. Each room has a refrigerator which will be stocked with nutritious foods, such as apples, oranges, strawberries, nuts, and other healthy items. Healthy food choices which include bagels, bread and healthy cereals will also be provided. Remember, we do not want swimmers training on a “full” stomach before the morning session.

Swimmers will also have the opportunity to return back to the residence hall to eat additional breakfast items. Campers will also have nutritious snacks (described below)

Lunch (All Campers)

Lunch is provided at the Butler Campus dining hall (RESCO) where swimmers will have a large selection of choices (both healthy and unhealthy). Coaches however will monitor swimmers choices allowing the swimmer to make their own choices but discuss with them how their choices could impact their swimming success.

The dining hall provides a very large selection of items usually offering multiple main course choices and swimmers are allowed to eat as much as they wish.

Dinner (All Campers)

All dinners are in a “dinner and learn” atmosphere where the dinner is catered by a different company each evening. Some of the companies we use are “Subway”, “Chick-Fil-A”, and “Buca Di Peppo” focusing a quality tasting meal that is nutritional. While the swimmers dine, students learn more about the stroke discussed that day.

In the past, we have offered one night (usually the night of day 3) where its “Pizza and a Movie Night”. This is a break from the nutrition we support during the camp but is designed to be an enjoyable evening with a “mid-point” break in the camp for the swimmers. We will likely continue this one night tradition.

Snacks & Drinks (All Campers)

Throughout the entire camp, we provide healthy snacks to swimmers at the pool and other locations. Such snacks include fruits, nuts, granola bars, and other healthy choices.

All swimmers at the start of camp are provided a water bottle which they must carry with them throughout the duration of camp. We provide water and Gatorade to swimmers during training and at other locations. Orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice and milk will be served at the residence halls in the dorms or pods.

This camp is open to any and all entrants. For your safety and benefit, we recommend you have competitive swimming experience (e.g. U.S.S. age group, national qualifiers, high school swimmers, or summer league swimmers) and can swim at least 50 yards in all four competitive strokes: fly, back, breast and freestyle.

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